PappelnProtecting the climate is considered very important at piccoplant. Thus, from the very beginning, research has been conducted into this field. The main focus is on renewable raw materials in the form of perennial biomass plants as an alternative energy source that can be harvested each year. Using these plants could revolutionize the energy industry across the world! And there are many other advantages to cultivating these various different plants that contribute towards climate protection. The ground will no longer have to be worked, erosion will be prevented and CO2 will be bound permanently. Many varieties contribute towards forming humus and so considerably improve the quality of the ground. Their root systems act as filters and the plants are high-performance oxygen dispensers - ideally on marginal land!
Behind all of this is the principle of sustainability, since only through sustainable means can industry continue into the future, that is, when ecological, economic and social aspects are combined.
Grasses and bamboos are not just ornamental diversions in the garden but are also sustainable raw materials.
Sustainable raw materials equal sustainable energy production:

  • Giant Chinese silver grass
  • Giant cane
  • Giant knotweed (see photo, left)
  • Hybrid aspen
  • Cup plant
  • Country mallow
  • Empress tree
  • Purging nut

You can find further information on our biomass website:

Biomasse-Pflanzen by piccoplant

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