About us

Research station, modern large nursery, arboretum: all are parts of PICCOPLANT (1989 – 2015).
The company's name is its manifesto: 'little plant' or 'picco plant' as a Latin-speaker would say. So what do we do? At PICCOPLANT, offshoots are taken from the most elite plants and then placed into sterile glass (Latin: in vitro) in the very best growing conditions and are given a very special nutrient solution to form more offshoots. This technology is called micropropagation and the result is completely healthy, virus and bacteria- free plants - classic biotechnology combined with modern horticulture.

With over 300 lilac varieties and around 750,000 lilac premium plants every year, PICCOPLANT is by far the world’s largest lilac producer.
In addition, there are 170 varieties of rhododendron and more than 50 bamboo and grass varieties.
We produce liners in 9 cm pots and plants in 2l, 3,5l, 7,5l, 15l or 60l containers. We produce our stock in container beds of 13 ha, in polytunnels and greenhouses of 20.000m2.
Around 80 per cent of PICCOPLANTS's goods are exported.

Our main customers for cultivated seedlings are professional horticulturalists, those from the agricultural and energy industries as well as commercial clients.

However, private gardeners have also recently been given the opportunity to be inspired by the plants available in our online shop www.fliedertraum.de.

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